Act Your Age

I don't feel like my age. I know pretty much everyone says the same thing, but sometimes I really feel as though there's a mistake here. Universe, are you playing tricks on me?? I turned 22 a few months ago (seriously can't believe it) and leading up to my birthday I started to have all… Continue reading Act Your Age


Style Inspiration – Harry Styles

Another style inspiration, this time with Harry Styles. If you missed my last one, I talked about Alexa Chung as my number one inspiration. I find doing this kind of funny because I don't feel as though you can tell that my sense of style comes from these sources, but I can assure you they… Continue reading Style Inspiration – Harry Styles

If I were a Hogwarts student – A Harry Potter lookbook

Lumos. My best friend and I decided to re-read the entire Harry Potter series together last summer (currently on book 5 now, will do an update post on this later) and after reading the Sorting Hat's song in the first book, it got me thinking about which House I might have gotten sorted into. I… Continue reading If I were a Hogwarts student – A Harry Potter lookbook