A Little OOTD/Haul Video

Tried my hand at something a little different this time and I made a video! I feel really silly posting this because it seems like I just pranced about my house in different outfits and I can't help but feel ridiculous over it hahah. But at the same time, I spent A LOT of time… Continue reading A Little OOTD/Haul Video

Reflecting on Graduation

Another Summer has come to an end and another Fall is on the horizon, but this time I'm not back in school and the idea boggles my mind. Every September for the last seventeen years or so brought with it a "first day of school" so I can't help but feel strange knowing¬† that those… Continue reading Reflecting on Graduation

If I were a Hogwarts student – A Harry Potter lookbook

Lumos. My best friend and I decided to re-read the entire Harry Potter series together last summer (currently on book 5 now, will do an update post on this later) and after reading the Sorting Hat's song in the first book, it got me thinking about which House I might have gotten sorted into. I… Continue reading If I were a Hogwarts student – A Harry Potter lookbook